Face Filters Photo Booth, Los Angeles

In collaboration with Angels Music DJ and Photo Booth, We provide the face filter Photo booth service in Los Angeles.

These are the most unique and interactive photo booth rental machines in the market.

you can choose your own face filters to use in your event!

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Best Design

Our photo booth looks so sleek and shiny, this photo booth will get you to smile 🙂

Quality Photos

We use automatic zoom and digital printers, All photos are of the highest quality. you'll want to frame them...

Unlimited Prints

You and your guests can take as many photos and videos as you want!

What Are Face Filters?

Face filters are digital effects that can be applied to a person’s face in real-time using a camera-equipped device such as a smartphone or computer. These effects can include things like virtual makeup, facial recognition-based masks and hats, and various distortions and animations. Face filters are often used for social media and messaging apps, and they are usually accessed through a camera app or a feature built into the app itself. Some popular examples of apps that offer face filters include Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.

What Is a Face Filters Photo Booth ?

A face filter photo booth is a device or software program that allows users to take photos or videos using a variety of digital face filters. These face filters can be anything from virtual makeup and hats to facial recognition-based masks and distortions. Face filter photo booths are often found at events and parties, and they are usually accessed through a touchscreen interface or through a camera app on a smartphone or tablet. Users can typically choose from a selection of face filters and then take a photo or video using the face filter of their choice. The resulting photo or video can then be saved or shared through social media or other means.

Face Filters Photo Booth

A modern sleek face filter photo booth that adds to your event a new kind of fun! This photo booth allows you to take Gifs, Boomerangs, Green Screen, custom face filters, and also takes photos.

You can choose if to send it to print or enter your phone number or email to get a digital copy to share and save!

Beautiful Backdrop

Red Carpet

VIP Poles

360 Photo Booth

Led Enclosed Photo Booth

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Custom Backdrop

custom backdrop for photobooth Los Angeles

Custom Backdrop

Step and repeat banners are often seen at red carpet events and other important occasions. These publicity backdrops add a wow factor to any event. Some companies use these banners as a cost-effective way of advertising their business. The signage can be used on several occasions, giving businesses more value for their money.

custom backdrop for photobooth Los Angeles

Step and Repeat

With a step and repeat backdrops, companies can prominently display their brand logos across the banner. Doing so helps increase and intensify brand awareness. Photos of celebrities, influencers, and other important people posing in front of your banner are widely circulated in the press. This gives your business the right amount of exposure to attract new customers.

Digital Branding

Make an impact by choosing the custom step and repeat backdrop that best fits your needs. We offer several sizes and materials to choose from, giving you the freedom to go as big or as small as you want

Most Unique Face Filters and DIgital Props

face filters halo photo booth Los Angeles

Face filter photo booth is an event attraction that allows you and your guests to take photos they love in a fun interactive way.  

face filters halo photo booth Los Angeles

We can customize the whole photo booth experience for you, with a creative, engaging, and interacting interface.

Face Filter Photo Booth Gallery

Check out our latest photo booth template designs and what they look like.  


Face Filters Photobooth, fun, and engaging.
Here’s what our clients have to say:

“The booth was amazing. It’s a really fun idea. The process from beginning to end was simple and fast and that really worked for our advantage.” D.L

“Easy to work with and easy to use. Easy way to bring fun to our party. Also very affordable. I loved it all!!!!” J.F 
“The photo booth was easy to use, highly interactive, and fun, the attendant was nice and professional. Couldn’t have had a better experience!” M.S

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